The Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week

The Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week

The Med Gas & Energy Week gathered all of Med’s key players to discuss the latest developments and business opportunities in North Africa, the East Mediterranean and the Balkans.
From Africa’s frontier offshore exploration, East Med’s major midstream opportunities, and the Balkans’ updated fiscal incentives and seismic data, IN-VR has created the best platform to onboard Independents, Investors and Supply Chain companies that want to take part in the Mediterranean’s future.
With Europe and North Africa looking into energy transition, renewables and gas-to-power, the Med Gas & Energy Week featured a day focused exclusively on the latest opportunities created by this industry transformation.

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The Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week
  • Wissam Chbat

    Wissam Chbat, Board member of the Petroleum Administration - Head of Geology and Geophysics at Ministry of Energy and Water Lebanese Petroleum Administration
    Offshore Lebanon : Attractive destination from Hydrocarbon Exploration to Asset Monetization

  • Mohamed Zine

    Mohamed Zine, Director Promotion and Asset Management, ONHYM
    What is Morocco’s current exploration and production map?
    ONHYM’s history of successful partnerships
    Morocco’s highly competitive fiscal incentives

  • Demetris Fessas

    Demetris Fessas, Acting General Manager, Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company
    The outlook for Cyprus exploration and productions opportunities

  • Florence Fontani

    Presentation: Which path for the MENA Region green transition?
    Florence Fontani, Executive VP Strategy, Communications and ESR in the Middle East,
    South and Central Asia and Turkey, ENGIE

  • Iman Hill

    Iman Hill, Executive Director, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

  • Albert Caruana

    Dr Albert Caruana, Director General, Continental Shelf Department Malta
    Petroleum Exploration Opportunities Offshore Malta

  • Diana Kaissy

    Diana Kaissy, Executive Director, LOGI - Lebanon
    Lebanon’s offshore geology
    Environmental assessment
    Key learnings from the preparation of the Round

  • Spyros Bellas

    Presentation: Energy vs. COVID-19, and
    Transition towards 2050
    Spyros Bellas, Principal Researcher at the
    Institute of Petroleum Research, Foundation
    for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)

  • Aristofanis Stefatos

    Aristofanis Stefatos, CEO, HHRM
    Presentation: Keynote Update

  • Francisco de la Flor

    Francisco de la Flor, Director of International Organizations, Enagas

  • Adrian Bylyku

    Adrian Bylyku, Executive Director, AKBN
    Presentation: Petroleum Exploration Opportunities in Albania
    Keynote Presentation: Albania’s attractive hydrocarbons sector

  • George Kovacic

    George Kovacic, President, CROSCORP International Ltd.
    Introduction to the Balkans Session

  • Duncan Wallace

    Duncan Wallace, Technical Director, Chariot Oil & Gas

  • Dr John Argent

    Dr John Argent, VP Geoscience, Sound Energy Plc.
    Presentation: Sound Energy’s Moroccan operations

  • Tassos Vlassopoulos

    Tassos Vlassopoulos, CEO, Hellenic
    Petroleum Upstream
    Presentation: Hellenic Petroleum’s
    exploration activities and how global trends
    impact E&P

  • Arshad Sufi

    Arshad Sufi, Chairman, METAS Energy
    Presentation: Egypt as a logical outlet for Eastern Mediterranean Gas

  • Jason Robinson

    Jason Robinson, Independent Industry Expert
    Presentation: Hydrocarbon stability in the age
    of energy transition. The World and the

  • Panel Discussion: Natural gas and EEZ disputes in the East Med

    Panel Discussion: Natural gas
    Moderator: Charles Ellinas, CEO, EC Cyprus Natural Hydrocarbons Company Ltd (eCNHC)

    Dr. Tamer Badwy, International Oil and Gas Expert

    Dr. Elai Rettig, “Israel Institute Teaching Fellow” at the Department of Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Washington Univ...

  • Danilo Bandiziol

    Danilo Bandiziol, Vice President, EMEA Sproule
    Eastern Mediterranean Gas: Fuelling the Transition or Too Late to the Party?

  • Patrick Allman-Ward

    Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas
    Presentation: Egypt’s potential as a gas hub in the Eastern Mediterranean

  • Khaled Abu Bakr

    Khaled Abu Bakr, Executive Chairman, TAQA Arabia
    Presentation: The Renaissance ERA for Gas in Egypt and the East Med

  • Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden

    Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist, Arabia Monitor

  • Dr Yannis Bassias

    Dr. Yannis Bassias, Energy expert

  • Panel Discussion: Morocco’s hydrocarbon future

    Panel Discussion: Morocco’s hydrocarbon future
    Mohamed Zine, Director Promotion and Asset Management, ONHYM

    Pierre Raillard, Morocco Country Director, Chariot Oil & Gas Limited

    Dr John Argent, VP Geoscience, Sound Energy Plc.

  • Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion: Gas Technology and Innovation for a Sustainable Energy Future

    Moderator: Menelaos Ydreos, Executive Director, Energy Vantage Inc.

    Andrea Gerini, Secretary General, NGVA Europe

    Xavier Rousseau, Head of Corporate Strategy, Snam S.p.A.

    Tatiana Khanberg, Manager Public Affairs, ...

  • Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion: Decarbonising the gas infrastructure in Central-Eastern and South- Eastern Europe with a sustainable recovery
    Moderator: Boyana Achovski, Secretary General Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

    Piotr Kuś, Deputy Director Gas Market Development, GAZ-SYSTEM

    Gina Cohen, Lecturer, Gas A...

  • Giovanni Taglialatela,

    Giovanni Taglialatela, Officer ARERA – Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment

  • Johann Raunig

    Johann Raunig, Partner, McKinsey & Co.
    Presentation: Global Oil and Gas Sector Overview – The day of reckoning or a new age of opportunity?

  • Mahdjouba Belaifa

    Mahdjouba Belaifa, Head, Gas Market Analysis Department, GECF
    Presentation: Gas Market Response to Turbulence: Resilience, Reliability & Lessons Learnt

  • Marijan Krpan

    Marijan Krpan, President of the Management Board, Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency
    Presentation: Overview of the recent oil, gas and geothermal activities in Croatia

  • Alessandro Nanotti

    Alessandro Nanotti, Independent Industry Expert
    Presentation: Liquefied Natural Gas Solutions for the energy transition

  • Wouter Kool

    Wouter Kool, VP Business Development at Eavor Technologies Inc.
    Presentation: Eavor Loop; Closed Loop Geothermal System without need for aquifer

  • Ali Zerouali

    Ali Zerouali, Director Of Cooperation & International Development, Masen

  • Dr. Lorenc Gordanii

    Dr. Lorenc Gordani, Professor of Business and Public Law Adviser in Energy Policy and Law, Regulation & Infrastructure
    Presentation: Albania a transit country or a potential market for the deployment of natural gas?

  • Dr. Harry Tzimitras & Diana Kaissy

    Panel Discussion: Energy Mis-moving towards a cleaner use of energy in the East Med.

    Diana Kaissy, Executive Director, LOGI - Lebanon

    Dr. Harry Tzimitras, Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo - PRIO Cyprus Centre